Thursday, June 24, 2004

Noah's Ark in Shawinigan


Le Devoir sent Jean-Claude Rochefort up to Shawinigan to check out the latest and the greatest "happening" up there. They published his 1,174 word review on Saturday. Sorry for taking so long to get around to it, but I've been busy!

I'm glad to see that it is one of the articles available to anybody, I just wish they would do more of that for the articles about Art. But on to the review:

M. Rochefort calls the show "une collection d'oeuvres pas si mal" or in blokespeak not a half-bad collection of work. But further down he complains about the lack of Quebecois Artists, which as it was printed in Le Devoir is to be expected. Does this mean that Pierre Theberge doesn't give a hoot about Quebec Art, or that Quebecois Artists don't do animals?

I'm not certain how to read his criticism of François Pompon's The Great Stag,

M. Rochefort says; "que l'on verrait mieux sur le parterre d'un siège corporatif de la rue Sherbrooke qu'à côté des petits chefs-d'oeuvre d'art moderne de Brancusi..."

Umm, not to belabor the obvious, but why would it be better in front of some head office on Sherbrooke Street? Because more people would see it there (as the show is in Shawinigan, or the equivalent of the middle of nowhere)? Or is he slighting the cutting-edge-ness of corporate art? I dunno, but it does jump out at me like a sore thumb.

I might have to make it up there though, 'cuz Ydessa Hendeles' Teddy Bear Project is on display, and everybody has been foaming at the mouth about how fabulous it is. If I make it, I'll let you know.

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