Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bernard Lamarche on Artefact


As I mentioned below, I'm late to the party about M. Lamache's return, sorry. Over the weekend he wrote a 1,182 word article about Artefact on the mountain. I wrote, briefly, about Jerome Delgado's review in La Presse last week.

I would guess that it is because of seniority that M. Lamarche gets the extra 500 words that M. Hellman hasn't been allowed, so far. M. Lamarche puts them to good use, as he just about mentioned each and every artist involved, along with the curator.

As he has so much room to move, he does the standard description of each piece, and mention the 1964 symposium on Public Art. Pretty much like M. Delgado, he does a nice job and makes me want to go see the art. Now I just gotta find the time to get out of here.

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