Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Jérôme Delgado on Artefact 2004


On Sunday, M. Delgado wrote 944 words about Artefact 2004, happening now on the mountain.

I dunno if it is the weather, or what, or if I took some mellow pills, but M. Delgado makes a convincing arguement that I should get my butt up to the mountain before vandals destroy the whole sucker.

I can't fault him for a damn thing, he describes all the pieces, gives a nice overview, and doesn't go all academic on anybody. Hell, the only thing even vaguely approaching "Art Speak" is his reference to the symposium that happened in 1964 about Art on the Mountain - but he makes it clearly enough that a 5 year-old could understand it.

Good job, M. Delgado.

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