Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stuff Seen - Avenue Art



I always like it when I can contrast and compare. On the same day that I went to Hollinger Collins Art Contemporain I went down the street to another art gallery that didn't have a full blown show up and ready. Unlike when we showed up at HCAC, we wandered in to Avenue Art after 5 pm on a Friday, and then to make things worse the door was locked when we showed up - but as I was sorta determined to prove that there were in fact a bunch of galleries on Sherbrooke west around Victoria ave I knocked on the door and Marina Cutler (and the other person there who's name I've completely forgotten, sorry (now that I look at the card, maybe Mary Vanaselja?)) not only answered the door, but invited us in, offered us drinks, and talked to us for at least 30 minutes.

And while for the most part the stuff that was displayed wasn't exactly my cup of tea (if I trust my memory about 60% was standard issue landscape and still life, deliberately non-offensive and way easier to hang than wallpaper) they did have some pretty kick ass stuff as well. Specifically Ronda Diamond. As a consequence I'm sorta looking forward to seeing a show there. We had a delightful conversation about art, art in Montreal, and other stuff that made the visit entirely and thoroughly fun.

Now if I could only figure out when La Fabriq was open...

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