Wednesday, May 11, 2005

There is someone incompetent at the National Gallery of Canada


I've written before about how anything coming from CBC Toronto under the guise of "Arts Reporting" is so horrific as to be beyond being ridiculous. So when I saw today's story I was primed and ready to ream someone for falling asleep at the switch for over a week. But then when I went to the National Gallery of Canada's website and discovered that the original press release only went out on Monday. I discovered that there is in fact someone who is more incompetent than the poor shlub responsible for deciding what press releases to publish under the guise of Arts Reportage. Their name is Pierre Theberge (the Director of the National Gallery of Canada). I can't imagine that there could be anyone else responsible for getting a press release about the acquisition of a piece of art called "Maman" out the day after Mother's Day.

And then just to make the error worse, how he muffed Ms. Milroy's article on Saturday where she directly refers to the very same sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, without once mentioning that one of them is owned by the National Gallery is just freakin' reprehensible!

The paragraph in question in its entirety:
The contemporary sculptor Louise Bourgeois is another excavator of the family drama, and her Maman (1993) makes Whistler's mother look like Mrs. Cleaver. Cast in bronze, her 12-metre-high spider towers above you, cathedral-like and embracing in its overarching form, yet at the same time terrifying. All-powerful in scale, she harbours beneath her abdomen a dangling sac of gleaming marble eggs, ripe evidence of her fertility. This mother will protect you, but you cross her at your peril.
It'd be all fine and dandy if some poor press flunky could be blamed, but this is a $2.3 million dollar purchase announced just a month after it was discovered that the National Gallery has serious leakage and storage problems that are being ignored. Jeez! and you wonder why nobody anywhere, in Canada or elsewhere in the world gives two hoots about Canadian Art. Can't anybody here get it right? please!

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