Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Free Roadsworth, compiled


Update, for those visitor's coming From the Floor, or Metafilter, Roadsworth's work can be seen here:
Flickr Photostream, Here 1, Here 2, Here 3, Here 4, and Here 5.

Then for everybody, if you're looking for things Roadsworthy, try these suggestions:

Post number one
Post number two
Post number three

The article by Patrick Lejtenyi
The article by Bernard Lamarche
The article by Christopher DeWolf
The letter to the editor in La Presse by Diane Miljours
The second article by Bernard Lamarche

Other posts by OptimusCrime, Malice Aforethought, From The Floor, Marc Snyder, After Death is Eternity, Undernews, Blog-Cafe, Shatnerian, Arrive en ville, Dead People Taste Like Chicken, On the Fence, Small Flightless Bird, Jean-Pierre Cloutier, to leave a mark, Montreal City Weblog, ni.vu.ni.connu, i never knew, Waking Up in Bliss, Vu d'ici, mnemosyne, Le Periscope, Nicolas Dickner, ArtTwit, Cameron's House of Fun, Spamnet, blogvert, [design ops], the Meridan Christian Church, and UrbanPhoto

and the articles appearing in le Centre des Médias Alternatifs du Québec, The Dominion, Urban Exploration Resource Forum, Nullwhore, 20hz - Montreal, Psssst! Forum québecois branché, Trombisketch, Cafe L'Urbanite, and UrbanPhoto.

And don't forget to drop a note to Mayor Tremblay and Helen Fotopoulos telling them what you think. Thanks.

[Update June 3, 2006: There is an extensive interview with Roadsworth now available, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four.]

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