Sunday, May 20, 2007

Stuff Seen - Out of Space: La photographie et l'imaginaire sculptural



Once again, playing catch up. It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was only a couple of months. Dazibao had a not half bad exhibit featuring the work of John Duncan, Nestor Kruger, Erwin Wurm, Daniel von Sturmer, and Amon Yariv. Now that time has settled in I can only honestly remember the work of John Duncan, and Daniel von Sturmer.

Mr. Duncan's was photographs of a bunch of shipping palates arranged in the Irish countryside. Nice simple one joke sorta stuff, see 'em, smile, and move on. Mr. von Sturmer's work was what made the show memorable. Two videos synchronized and then rotated 90 degrees so that the objects in the video appeared to be sliding along the floor, when in fact they were in a box being tilted. Bright and colorful standard household objects, against a plain white background it was a simple and effective way of disconnecting what you were seeing with your standard issue ideas of gravity and how it works.

Although now that I look into hos work it appears that we got a crippled version of screen test, as on Mr. von Sturmer's website it states "4 Screen video installation and Kinetic object" and I only saw a two-channel video at Dazibao. I wonder how Susan Edelstein's article in Prefix Photo dealt with that.

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