Monday, May 21, 2007

Sobey Art Award Semi-finalists


Bumped back to the top for one final push...
If you would like to play the Sobey Art Award game, click here and fill out your answers.

You can't tell the players without a scorecard.

From the Atlantic provinces Robin Metcalfe has to choose between
Jean-Denis Boudreau
Alexandra Flood
Vanessa Paschakarnis
Mathew Reichertz
and Mitchell Wiebe.
From Quebec Bernard Lamarche has to choose between
David Altmejd
Michel De Broin
Raphaelle de Groot
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
and Yannick Pouliot.
From Ontario Melanie Townsend has to choose between
Michael Belmore
Shary Boyle
Frank Shebageget
Andrew Wright
and Kevin Yates.
From the Prairies and the North Dan Ring has to choose between
Robin Arseneault
Daniel Barrow
Sarah Anne Johnson
Rachelle Viader Knowles
and Graeme Patterson.
From the West Coast Helga Pakasaar has to choose between
Scott McFarland
Luanne Martineau
Damian Moppett
Steven Shearer
and Ron Terada.

[update May 17: My bad, I was informed that the individual curators were the people who suggested the regional semi-finalists, and the short list will be a group decision made by all five curators. And the Kevin Yates link has been corrected]

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