Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Maybe Saskatoon isn't such a Cultural Capital after all.


Earlier this year Saskatoon won a grant to be a Cultural Capital of Canada®. As part of their grant application, they were going to install some public art. Well now some folks are having second thoughts. The problems described in this article are amazing. And makes me question who and what is behind the Cultural Capital of Canada® program and why they continue to waste scads of money. In short:
  1. The Saskatchewan Arts Board commissioned art work, Saskatoon city councilors don't like it.
  2. A call for artists worth $50,000 only received one submission
I think what I like best though is the description of what the public art is supposed to do: 'In their presentation, the artists indicated their objective is to engage the community, to invite imagination and discourse of the public.'

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