Thursday, May 10, 2007

Best of Montreal & Top d'ici


[update May 10: There is one more day to vote, thanks again in advance for yours.]

It seems it is that time of year again. The Montreal Mirror has its popularity contest.

For those of you who might be new to the blog, the city, the internet, or life in general. Zeke's Gallery, the real-life art gallery that supports and lends a name to this blog has won "Best Art Gallery" for five consecutive years. This blog, has been the third best blog, for two consecutive years. Consistency is my middle name. If you have the time and inclination, I'd be much obliged if you voted for Zeke's Gallery as best art gallery again.

If you are going to fill in a ballot, please let me remind you that you need to fill in at least 25 answers for it to count. If you need some suggestions or ideas, try these on for size:
  1. Best political/social cause: The Arts
  2. Best local radio show: Homerun
  3. Best local radio host: Bernard Saint-Laurent
  4. Best neighbourhood: The Plateau
  5. Best waiter/waitress: Hugo at La Montée de Lait
  6. Best sleazy dive: Brutopia
  7. Best watering hole: Aszu
  8. Best pickup spot: Any art gallery in town
  9. Best happy hour: Musee d'art contemporain vernissages
  10. Best terrasse: La Rotunde at the Musee d'art contemporain
  11. Best drug: Beer
  12. Best musical act: Pat Lehman Band, United Steel Workers of Montreal, Katie Moore, Little Birdie, Sarah Mangle, Kyra Shaughnessy, Pierre-Yves Martel, Isaiah Ceccarelli, Philippe Lauzier and lots more...
  13. Best country/folk act: United Steel Workers of Montreal
  14. Best jazz musician: Pierre-Yves Martel, Isaiah Ceccarelli, Philippe Lauzier
  15. Best singer/songwriter: Sarah Mangle
  16. Best local actor: Adam Kelly
  17. Best spoken word act: Kyra Shaughnessy
  18. Best museum: Musee des beaux arts, Musee d'art contemporain, Musee Emile Berliner
  19. Best gallery: Zeke's Gallery
  20. Best art exhibit: Naledi Jackson, tyson howard, Tricia McDaid
  21. Best author: Lisa Hunter, Daniel Allen Cox
  22. Best magazine/zine: The Mirror
  23. Best cartoonist: Billy Mavreas, Dstrbo
  24. Best Internet Service Provider: VIF
  25. Best florist: Florateria
  26. Best kitsch/antique store: Monastiraki
  27. Best cheap eats: Vietnamese Sub
  28. Best late-night eats: Dollar Pizza
  29. Best breakfast: Dim Sum
  30. Best Chinese : Beijing
  31. Best Indian: Mysore
  32. Best Japanese: Isakaya
  33. Best Mexican: Mex-I
  34. Best Middle-Eastern: Andalos
  35. Best Portuguese: Le Roi du Plateau
  36. Best barbecued chicken: Rotisserie Portugalia
  37. Best poutine: La Banquise
  38. Best coffee: La Vieille Europe
  39. Best non-chain coffee: La Vieille Europe
  40. Best locally brewed beer: Brutopia
  41. Best drag queen: Miss Gina
  42. Best standup comedian: Uncalled For

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