Saturday, May 26, 2007

Artefact Montréal needs a conflict of interest policy (as does Voir)


In the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal most recent magazine they announced who the artists in Artefact Montreal 2007 are going to be. 53% of them have been written about in Voir by Nicholas Mavrikakis over the past 18 months.

M. Mavrikakis gets paid to write about them, then M. Mavrikakis gets paid by all three levels of government to curate a show with the same artists that he wrote about. The readers of Voir are not informed that he is using his job as a reviewer to curate at the same time, and while the audience for Artefact Montreal 2007 are informed that he is a reviewer the extent of his double dipping is not revealed.

The artists chosen (and the article where applicable):
Mathieu Beauséjour, BGL, Jacques Bilodeau, Catherine Bolduc, Diane Borsato, Marie-Claude Bouthillier, Alexandre David, Robbin Deyo, Aganetha Dyck, Marion Galut, Trevor Gould, Peter Hasdell & Patrick Harrop, Caroline Hayeur, Mireille Lavoie, Mathieu Lefèvre, Samuel Roy-Bois, Henri Sagna, Stephen Schofield, and Chih–Chien Wang.
I fail to see why it is so difficult for Voir to either inform its readers that one of its writers is also curating a show with the artists he is writing about, or ask him not to write about artists whom he is working with.

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