Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So this is how it feels on the receiving end?


Back on April 1, Paul Werner spoke here at the gallery. While he was in town he also was interviewed on CKUT (fast forward to 33:20) and he also wrote about his trip here in Montreal. My first reaction was to say "Sufferin' Succotash!!" I then realized, that like always, Prof. Werrner cuts extremely close to the bone. I will say that I agree with some of what he writes ("This made his artworks oddly predictable and predictably dull.") and disagreed with some of what he writes ("Apparently the PQ was more interesting as a counterweight to neo-liberalism, federal dominance and English-only speakers than it was for whatever it was for. Like speaking French.") but found all of it extremely entertaining.

And now that the gallery has it new-ish computer, the recording of the talk will make it up onto the internet sooner rather than later. Then, finally, if you want a copy of prof. Werner's book click on either of these:


Or you can swing by the gallery where I have copies of the French version; «Musée et cie : Globalisation de la culture» as well.

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