Monday, April 30, 2007

Live at Zeke's Gallery Volume 242


Still playing catch up with the backlog. Back in August of 2006, Court Lajoie, Vivek Shraya and Lise Monique swung through town and gave a very enjoyable performance. Due to technical difficulties, I was unable to post the recordings until now. But if you would like to relive a time when Zeke's Gallery was not as technically proficient as it is now, click on the appropriate links. As time allows, I will be posting more and more of the backlog here. Unfortunately Court Lajoie's performance is lost for the ages because I screwed up. Apologies to all.

Vivek Shraya's performance [30:00 minutes, 55.2 MB] Stream, flac, ogg vorbis
Lise Monique's Performance [32:20 minutes, 56.1 MB] Stream, flac, ogg vorbis

Court Lajoie

Vivek Shraya

Lise Monique

Vivek Shraya and Lise Monique

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