Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Interesting Career Path for Heavyweight


Step one in 2000: Exhibit at the Saidye Bronfman Centre.
Step two in 2001: Cover of Juxtapoz Magazine.
Step ?? in 2007: Punching chewing gum out of blister packs in the metro for Mentos. (At least it is raining, and the weather is ugly.)

[update April 19: I used to have an illustration from Heavyweight in this post, but got asked to take it down, so I did. Then to clarify some things; while I was referring to Mr. Buller's work - I was using it to point out how bad I thought the Mento's campaign was. If you read this post, you will see that I am not alone in my thoughts on the campaign. I found it unfortunate that Mr. Buller would choose to help them out. I would have much preferred that Mr. Buller had been given 100% artistic freedom to create what he wanted, with whatever materials he wanted by Mentos, and as the piece he made for them was roughly ten times the size of what I've seen Heavyweight do on canvas, that he got paid at least ten times the amount of money that a 5' by 5' canvas would cost. If it is the case that Mr. Buller got paid as much as I think his art is worth, and that he was given 100% artistic freedom, then I apologize to him, Heavyweight and anyone else who might have taken offense at what I wrote.]

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