Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How much did this cost?


A classic case of not doing any research before leaping in. I just got an email informing me of the launch of something called Canadian Art News. Somehow they decided that Arts News Canada, Akimbo, the RCAAQ, the Canadian Information Heritage Network, and this map weren't doing diddly, and Canadian artists needed yet another incomplete website to waste time viewing.

If you want to go global... there's

Inform, The Art Newspaper, ARTINFO, Bloomberg.com, Artfacts.Net, Arts News Around the World, Museum Articles, Blogs and Headlines, Your Gallery - Blog On News, Views, Diaries, Photo-Journals, ART POST, artnet Magazine, http://www.cafad.com/jobsinword.htm, ART LTD, The Believer, Artclair, Artclair, CONTENTS, Henri Art Magazine, AVR, ARTnews, Paris Art Contemporain, Global Museum, and another gazilion and a half that I don't know about, that obviously are not doing the trick.

And if you want calls, try these on for size:
http://artdeadlineslist.com/, http://lists.artengine.ca/mailman/listinfo/sharemtl, http://lists.artengine.ca/mailman/listinfo/pdmtl, http://www.instantcoffee.org, http://seven.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/artfound-list, http://www.finalchapter.com/museum-l-faq/, http://lists.c3.hu/mailman/listinfo/artinfo, http://atcalls.cont3xt.net, http://www.artservis.org/english/okroznica.asp, http://www.artfact.com/ and another gazilion of those as as well.

On a postive note, I'd be more than happy to help Fran├žois-Marc Gagnon of The Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art turn Canadian Art News into something that truly rocks if he (or whomever is responsible) asks me.

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