Thursday, April 26, 2007

The department of Canadian Heritage fund plagarism of their own work


For whatever reasons I discovered this web page which has the exact same words, in the exact same order as this web page from Canadian Heritage. On the web site of Canadian Heritage it states very clearly
"All rights reserved. Permission is granted to electronically copy and to print in hard copy for internal use only. No part of this information may be reproduced, modified, or redistributed in any form or by any means, for any purposes other than those noted above (including sales), without the prior written permission of the Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0S5." - source
On the website for Franconnex it states:
"Le développement de ce site a été rendu possible grâce à une contribution financière du programme Francommunautés virtuelles d'Industrie Canada, des Programmes de financement de Culture canadienne en ligne de Patrimoine canadien..." - source
and Franconnex also claims copyright on all the material on their website.

I did not know that the department of Canadian Heritage was in the habit of paying for things twice. I thought all of that had been stopped back with the old Canadian government.

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