Monday, April 09, 2007

Her Excellency Michaëlle Jean has got an Art Blog on!!


Hey! Hey it ain't the Monkees. And hey, hey, hey - ain't ain't Fat Albert, but it is wicked freakin' cool! I'm not quite certain how Her Excellency Michaëlle Jean's art video blog slipped under my radar, but now that I know where it is, I am not going to let it go.

It also appears that she has taken a very particular interest in the arts. According to this article by Julie Smyth, Her Excellency has made some significant changes to what normally has hung on the walls. New this year; William Kurelek, Wanda Koop, David Thauberger, Charles Pachter, Paul Emile Borduas, and a bunch of paintings by Jean Paul Lemieux.

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