Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cosimo Cavallaro is another Canadian artist who fudges his bio


Initially I ignored this story, as I thought that it wasn't worth the time it would take to type something up. But as today is Sunday, and a lazy Sunday at that, I figured "what the hey!" I discovered that Mr. Cavallaro says that he is Canadian, which means I can write about him here. What I found most interesting was the line "As a director Cavallaro has won numerous awards including the Director of the Year Award in Canada and the 1990 Canadian Film Festival Award for Best Video of the Year." Because a) I've never heard of the Canadian Film Festival, and in this internet age it is fairly easy to check who worked on what film where, thanks to the IMDB. As you can see there is no listing for any Cosimo Cavallaro in the IMBD, and while this doesn't conclusively prove that Mr. Cavallaro didn't work on any films, it is a couple of nails in the coffin. Then as the Genie Awards (aka the Canadian Oscars) do have a searchable database, I searched, and found out that nobody with the name Cavallaro won any award, ever.

So what gives? Why does Mr. Cavallaro have the need to make up stuff?

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