Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Very Slow News Day - 2007 Windsor Biennial & Detroitarts


Or if you prefer to click on links... The Art Gallery of Windsor organized and launched the 2007 Windsor Biennial. Jessica Bradley (from Toronto), Aaron Timlin (from Detroit), and Theo Sims (Winnipeg) were the curators who chose the following Canadian artists:

Alana Bartol (Windsor);
Douglas Bedard (Windsor);
Jack Byng (Windsor);
Angela Desjardins (Windsor);
Andrew Lochhead and Andrea Slavik (Windsor);
Cyndra MacDowall (Windsor);
Zeke Moores (Windsor);
Troy Ouellette (Windsor).

Interesting that only 8 out of 22 artists chosen for the Windsor Biennial are from Canada. Especially as the City of Windsor, The Canada Council for the Arts, the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation are its funders - and not a single one is from the other side of the border.

So, I'm asking Detroitarts to fill in the blanks on the American artists participating in the 2007 Windsor Biennial, they are as follows:

Matthew Blake (Detroit);
Sara Blakeman (Detroit);
Steven Matthew Brown (Detroit);
Chido Johnson (Detroit);
Mark Schwing (Detroit).

Melanie Manos (Ann Arbor);
Dennis Michael Jones (Ann Arbor);
Toby Millman (Ann Arbor);
Margaret Parker (Ann Arbor),

Christopher Dean (Ferndale);
Janet Hamrick (Ferndale);

Nancy Patek (Grosse Pointe Woods);

Mike Richison (Oak Park);

Mira L. Burack (Bloomfield Hills);

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