Monday, March 26, 2007

Stuff Seen - Family Foto at Pinkespace


Family Foto, Pinkespace, 1399 Saint Jacques, (514) 935-9851, jeudi - dimanche 13h - 17h 11 fev au 8 avril, 2007


Pat Pink, the power behind and running through Pinkespace is phenomenal. She persistently puts on pretty much perfect presentations of art with paintings, sculptures and other paraphernalia.

PAUSE (ok, enough with the alliteration...)

Installation shot from the exhibit

Ms. Pink, as usual, sent out email invitation to friends, relatives, aquaintances and other assorted hangers-on for this show, asking them to do something 'family.' And as usual the result is very very good.

Da Family Funeral - horses, flowers, coffin, departed, music, eulogy, lighting - P. Pink

While you may think that this is not your standard issue art show, you, in fact would be very wrong. More and more art is going community in its focus, and while ArtForum, and the Wall Street Journal might focus on the lastest $100 million painting to have been sold, and how much of a profit the seller got, there are in fact, a gazillion and a half (quite a lot more than 100 million) other pieces of art made by artists who don't read ArtForum or the Wall Street Journal.

Each of the pieces presents a slightly different take on the idea of family (if you hadn't figured that out by now). And as with all families, each and everyone is completely and thoroughly different, and if you know anything about any of the artists it is immensely pleasurable to take this little bit of information and run as fast as you can with it.

Expressionistic Beings-clay masks & monsters, aquarelle sur papier - Shawn Mackinak

My particular favorite, was the sort of installation-like combination of watercolors and clay masks by Shawn Mackinak. Not only did it leave me with some pretty interesting thoughts about the make up for Mr. Mackinak's family, and Mr. Mackinak himself, but they made for a pretty gosh darn cool family in and of themselves. You know sort of like this is the daddy monster, and this is the mommy monster, and these are pictures of the daddy monster at work, etc. You get the idea.

Installation shot of Nieces and Nephews, digital pink smile face of signed backs of photos, Shelly Low and The Swiss Family Rey, oil on canvas x 4 paintings and text, Edith Rey

But that is not to say, that the other work was bad. Quite the contrary, I wouldn't have been able to give the show a B+ if there was only one good work. I quite enjoyed Edith Rey's pieces despite her being a very good friend, and I seem to have a false memory of having previously seen Shelly Low's work at the Centre d'art Contemporain du Québec à Montréal.

Fades to Black, Five acrylic stenciled ovals, Gregory Louden

Le Retour de la Bouteille du Vernissage, oils on board, Alain James Martin

DG-PG Delta Gamma Pretty Girl Sorority - framed sorority group photo, K. Zahn

At which point, I've procrastinated long wnough (I've been trying to write this for three days) so I instead of writing more about the show, let me strongly suggest that you go see the show. The details that you need are as follows:

Pink Espace
1399 Saint Jacques West
(514) 935-9851
Thursday to Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm

And the show has been extended until April 8!

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