Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sarah Milroy gets her facts wrong and misses a room


As Naomi Levin from Toronto wrote, Ms. Milroy confused her Parisian museums, and as there is no mention of the It All Starts Again with a Mouse: Disney Recycled by Contemporary Art section in the basement, I can only assume she didn't make it down to see it. Pity.

It appears that Paul Gessell missed it as well, although I'm much more likely to cut him some slack, as he he is so far the only person I've read who has written anything critical about the show. Not even Janet Bagnall in an editorial in the Gazette earlier in the week, and from speaking to her, I infered she was looking to be critical.

And then while I'm going through the out of town reviews, Peter Goddard quotes himself in his second review of the show (new version, old version), also I'm not entirely certain if the contemporary painting he mentions (extra points for actually writing about it) made it to this side of the Atlantic. While I would never just trust my memory, and will probably go back to see the show at least once more, I don't remember anything like "Peter Saul’s painting San Quentin 1 (1972) [which] shows the three little pigs meandering all over activist Angela Davis."

Then, just for full disclosure purposes, Mr. Gessell also was sitting at the same table as I was at the press preview, and had given me a very nice interview (which I hope to get transcribed sooner rather than later) when I was in Ottawa.

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