Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Montreal Attendance figures for 2006


Every year The Art Newspaper compiles a list of attendance figures. I'm not certain how much faith I have that they are as accurate as a weather forecast, but they are all we have.

According to them (and probably MBAM as well) Catherine the Great did 2,273 people/day here and 2,396 per day in Toronto. Right Under the Sun, did 1,867 people/day here.

New this year (it seems) is the Musee d'art contemporain, who in the past haven't reported attendance figures. Their Anselm Kiefer exhibit got 902 people/day here in Montreal. In comparison, it did 2,469/day in Washington DC. Which makes it the fourth most popular exhibit in DC, and the third most popular exhibit in Montreal (or if you prefer sixth in Canada. Carlos Garaicoa at the ROM did 1,276/day, and Andy Warhol at the AGO surprisingly only did 1,082/day).

Thankfully, the Power Plant did not try to puff itself up by giving out separate attendance figures for each of their shows when it only takes one ticket to get in and see all of them. And it will be interesting to see how the Ron Mueck show in Ottawa stacks up versus the version that was in Edinburgh last year and got 2,218/day. Also very telling is the lack of figures from Vancouver.

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