Monday, March 19, 2007

Lousy News all around


[yes, this is a ten day old post, but I'm bumping this to the top for today because I came across new stuff]

There's this Quebec government organization that counts things, yesterday they released the numbers on how many people went to museums in Quebec in 2006. Yuck

2006: 7.30 Million
2005: 7.60 million
2004: 7.69 million
2003: 7.98 Million

They also count how many people show up at exhibition spaces, places like university galleries, municipal galleries and artist run centres. Not as bad as the big boxes, but still not good.

2006: 596,452
2005: 529,750
2004: 649,963
2003: 656,402

Who is the preson responsible? And why do they still have a job? 10% decreases in attendance ain't good no matter how you try to spin it.

And on top of it, if you compare Quebec statistics to Canadian statistics, there is something seriously wonky. According to Statistics Canada "In 2004, more than 35 million visitors passed through the turnstiles of the surveyed heritage institutions, compared with 31.6 million in 2002."

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