Tuesday, March 06, 2007

LoftArt.ca meet Imagekind.com


Back in November I railed against the opening of this place called LoftArt.ca, and now I have discovered this place Imagekind.com which appears to be doing the same thing, but something like 1,000% better.


LoftArt.ca has stores. Imagekind.com doesn't.
LoftArt.ca uses the word 'Art' in their name attempting to elevate what they do. Imagekind.com doesn't.
LoftArt.ca's top price is 22¢/square inch to print your image. Imagekind.com's top price 11¢/square inch to print your image.

Basically I don't like LoftArt.ca because they manipulate people's fears about art (what is it? who made it? will it match my couch?) to get them to buy something they think is art, when in fact it isn't.

Basically I really like Imagekind.com because they massage people's creative juices to make things that they should be proud of, and don't charge too much money for it. They don't hide behind any facade of Fine Art to impress anyone or anything.

And in the interest of full disclosure and absolute transparency, if you click on any of the imagekind.com links, apparently Zeke's Gallery is promised 15% of any sale that happens within 30 days of the click.

I do not prefer imagekind.com because of the commission. I prefer imagekind.com period. And if you would prefer to buy something at imagekind.com without giving Zeke's Gallery a commission, click on this link: IMAGEKIND.COM

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