Monday, March 26, 2007

Knowledge Exchange: promoting community engagement


In about two weeks there is this conference happening in San Francisco called Museums and the Web 2007. I would have like to have been there, but unfortunately can't. So I'm following it from a distance. One of the speakers is going to be Wendy Thomas from the Canadian Heritage Information Network. She will be giving a demonstration called, Knowledge Exchange: promoting community engagement. I would have loved to see what Ms. Thomas uses to as examples of CHIN's "quick and efficient access to collaborative on-line tools and services." One of my favorites is their Podcasting primer. 562 words that are two and a half years out of date that do nothing other than unnecessarily complicate something that is extremely simple.

Or this article about RSS, where Suhas Deshpande in describing the AGO's podcasts writes, "The result was an astounding 10,000 downloads over 10 weeks." When in fact 1,000 downloads/week is the same volume as the Zeke's Gallery's podcasts. She then attempts to describe what an RSS feed is and fails miserably.

I could go on and on, but I won't because I have work to do. However, in my opinion the Canadian Heritage Information Network is one of the major reasons why most museum websites in Canada are not good.

[update 7pm: I finished my work, and realized I had confused the entire Canadian Heritage Network, and the Knowledge Exchange. Pity as had I used examples from the Knowledge Exchange I would have eviscerated it even more. Their listings for Webcasts is pathetic. This is one of their 'expert' interviews. and while the First World War Blog by the Glenbow Museum is wicked cool, and deserves a link - I personally think that something like the Mendel Gallery's blog should've gotten one as well.]

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