Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kelly Hill you gotta talk to the Quebec Government


Mr. Hill comes out with some more numbers that don't make any sense. If the Quebec Government researchers say that 529,750 people visited university galleries, municipal galleries and artist run centres in Quebec in 2005, what the heck are you smoking in order to write 'Exactly 7 million Canadians visited an art gallery in 2005.'?

Last I heard Quebec had about 23.5% of the population of Canada which would mean that about 2.5 million people went to university galleries, municipal galleries and artist run centres, if everyone in Canada went to see art at the same rate as the Quebecois did. So what galleries did the other 4.5 million people go visit? If Mr. Hill meant to say Museums instead of galleries, well according to the Quebec Government, 7.6 million people went to museums in Quebec in 2005. Does that mean that negative 600,000 people went to museums in the rest of Canada?

And how the heck can any statistician use census data and then write the word 'exactly?' Was there a specific question on the census questionnaire about going to galleries, and did Mr. Hill count each and every answer? And if it was a question on the census, why isn't Statistics Canada reporting the news? Somehow I would trust their statisticians just a little bit more than Mr. Hill.

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