Monday, March 12, 2007

How many art schools are there in Canada?


Even if you assume only one per province, if you then make the comparison to this sentence from yesterday's New York Times
...the team estimates that 20 to 30 art schools operate in China; that about 10,000 students will graduate from such schools this year; and that some 14,000 artists in China are represented by galleries.
it means something like 3,000 Canadian students will graduate from art school this year. Then I would not even venture a wild guess as to how many Canadian artists are represented by galleries - other than to say that even if you were to account for the difference in population between China and Canada it wouldn't be close.

Again, to flog this horse until it is completely dead - China and Russia have interesting art markets right now. I do believe that the Chinese government and the Russian government do not do any serious supporting of the arts (if anyone out there has better information, please let me know). Canada has no art market, the various levels of government here in Canada seriously support the arts.

And while I'm on the topic of yesterday's New York Times, there's also this quote from Charles Saatchi; "My aim," Mr. Saatchi said, "is to do everything I can to maximize the site’s exposure."

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