Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Canadian Government is getting out of the Art Exhibit Transportation Business


Val Ross has an article today about how the Canadian Conservation Institute is shutting down their Exhibit Transportation Services. There is the requisite hand wringing and boo-hooing by John Ryerson of the Varley Art Gallery. But what I found most interesting was after reading the article I went looking for Canadian Art Transportation companies. I previously knew about Pacart, but there is also Art Solution, Art Zone, and Trans Art and that's after 10 minutes of internet only research.

So if I can find four in ten minutes, I'd venture a guess that there are about ten to an even dozen art transport companies in Canada, with that many, even if the government gets out of the art transportation business, it ain't going 'mean an additional cost of as much as $18,000' in order to transport art throughout Canada.

And then if you're interested in the how's and why's of touring art exhibitions, try this guide in English, and this one in French.

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