Friday, February 02, 2007

Craig Scott Gallery, the latest advertiser on the Zeke's Gallery Blog


If you notice on the left hand side of your screen, there is a new advertisement. It is for the latest exhibit at the Craig Scott Gallery. Please don't hesitate to peruse the website, and if you are in Toronto, I would strongly urge you to go visit the gallery as well. (And if you do, please say 'hi' on my behalf.)

Their address is: 95 Berkeley Street, Toronto M5A 2W8

Their next show starts on Feb 10 and features work by by Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew, winner of the Sovereign Asia Art Prize 2006. As Mr. Scott states in the press release
Nimmalaikaew’s works start from a canvas backdrop that is set inside a deep casement, and that is then lightly veiled by multiple layers of thread and netting. The artist paints (as well as prints with an Ink Jet) not only on the canvas but also on the thread and netting in order to create shimmering portraits and figurative scenes. He creates a depth of field that goes beyond three-dimensional space; rather, his work captures a time-space dimension in a way that has few parallels in the history of art. Yet, to put it that way is still an understatement, for Nimmalaikaew’s genius lies in the way he imagines, and is able to execute with astonishing virtuosity, what might be called a ‘meta-dimension’ that fuses time, space and spirit. At a thematic level, his present work expresses a deep reverence and love for family

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