Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Revisiting Antwerp, Intertidal, Roy Arden, and Christopher Brayshaw


Back in July Canadian Art magazine published a review by RM Vaughan on some show in Antwerp by a bunch of Vancouver artists called Intertidal. Afterward he and hte magazine got trashed from here to Timbuktu (and some more here, and here, and here, I think)

Well it's now online and it is hilarious! Contrary to what appears to be a bunch of vocal people, I think RM Vaughan is the best arts writer here in Canada. I have to remember to use the line 'that’s why the Canadian co-curator, the UBC professor and Vancouver art baronet.. didn’t respond to my phone calls and e-mails. He’s probably just on sabbatical, or on holiday with his beloved coterie of...' Next time it happens to me. However, someone should take Mr. Vaughan aside and teach him how to read a map, it could have saved him two days of wandering around Antwerp.

I also wish that Canadian Art magazine had an RSS feed and put stuff online immediately instead of six months after the fact.

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