Thursday, January 04, 2007

Stuff Seen - Isa Pardi



Back before the holidays there was a large marketing push for and by the film Rechercher Victor Pellerin. Apparently it triggered something in Isa Pardi, as she decided that she was going to use it as a lauching pad for her own art show.

It was enough to get me to go see her stuff (and as I found out later, enough to get Sophie Desraspe to see it as well). And it was pleasantly and surprisingly good. Sorta, vaguely, kinda Ralph Steadman like, if you get my drift. An awful lot of scrawling, scribbling, scratching and in general making rough and aggressive marks that turned into attention grabbing pictures.

There were a couple that were relatively blank in comparison to the barage that seemed to be Ms. Pardi's m.o.d. and they suffered greatly in comparison. The more marks she does the better. The only other thing I remember is that I hoped that Ms. Pardi had some rich friends, as it seemed to me that her prices were more suited to some gallery in Chelsea instead of an exhibit in a cafe on teh eastern edge of the Plateau.

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