Thursday, January 25, 2007

Apologies to Outside The Artist's Studio Episode 11


I've been a bad boy. Here I have been creating alternate link logs for a bunch of strangers in Chicago, and I have egregiously been forgetting the fine, wonderful and very nice folk who studiously and seriously create the Outside the Artist's Studio Podcast right down the street from me! Profuse and overt apologies to Kevin Jenne & Randal Wark.

Episode Eleven is now available, and like Bad at Sports, I'm not going to listen to it! Kevin & Randal are locals, nice young men, but jeez! The closest they come to doing 'local' art, is they discuss a dead white guy from New York City who just so happens to have a painting in a museum in the 36th largest city in North America. C'mon guys I'm looking to hear an All-Quebecois art podcast! Or as you're local, I'll cut you some slack and All-Canadian is ok.

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