Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I might become a member of the ADQ


Thanks to the good folk over at the RCAAQ, I tracked down this pdf document from Mario Dumont's political party that is trying desperately to become mainstream.

What I find humorous, is that the lead line about funding the arts, clearly states in no uncertain terms that the ADQ promises to increase funding for culture (Page 7 of the document). But the fine folk at the RCAAQ get their knickers in a knot because further in the ADQ writes that they will fund creators directly in stead of funding a bureaucracy. And the RCAAQ get worried that it means there will no longer be a CALQ.

If someone says that they are going to increase funding for culture, I would think that this is a good thing. Getting rid of bureaucracy is also a good thing. I would be fairly confident that all the people who now currently work at CALQ would be better off, working in cubicles with flourescent lighting on the 15th floor of a Place d'Armes building can't be all that great, even if you scored the corner office.

My guess is though no matter how hard Mr. Dumont tries, he is not quite ready for prime time. Pity

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