Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Edward Burtynsky on YouTube!


I wasn't all that impressed with Jennifer Baichwal's film about Edward Burtynsky that apparently is going to Sundance. However I am pleased as punch to see Edward Burtynsky on YouTube!

Obviously chopped up from something that I would guess originally ran on TVOntario, there are eight other clips.
1. Progress and the Environment - 69 views as of now.
2. Beauty - 95 views
3. Man and Nature - 105 views
4. From Black and White to Color - 132 views
5. The Development of a Theme - 144 views
6. - 155 views
7. Working Method - 206 views
8. The Large Format Camera - 274 views

Each one is about one minute long, and I look forward to watching them. Despite Jennifer Baichwal, I still really really like Edward Burtynsky's pictures.

Thanks to Alec Soth for the head's up.

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