Thursday, December 21, 2006

Can someone show me where I can find details about Canadian Museum Status, please?


According to this article the Kelowna Art Gallery just got something called 'A Status.' Apparently it is granted by the Canadian Department of Heritage, but I can't find anything about it on their site. Apparently you need to pass some inspections by the Canadian Conservation Institute, but I can't find it anything on their site either. Apparently the Kelowna Art Gallery is the 41st such institution to receive this designation.

The article says somethng about it increasing the prestige of the Kelowna Art Gallery. Wrong-O! Boy-O! We've been down this road before with the very same adjective. How anything which includes 40 other museums in the country could be conceived as being prestigous is laughable. The Groupe Bizot is prestigious. I can't even name 40 museums in Canada, you can't either. How anyone could think that the Kelowna Art Gallery has the same status as the Art Gallery of Ontario (which I also assume has 'A' status) is beyond me. Yet another useless waste of taxpayers money in the name of 'culture.'

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