Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Watch as the walls come tumbling down


An awesome article in today's New York Times introducing the theories and ideas of David Galenson. He's got a new book called: Old Masters and Young Geniuses which sounds very interesting. It ain't his first and obviously I'm going to have to save up some pennies and some dimes, his other books (Artistic Capital and Painting outside the Lines) are not cheap either.

This Art and economics stuff can get pretty pricey pretty quickly. ArtNet is a minimum of $30/month, ArtFacts is $42/Month, you'd think that everyone was just rolling in the dough

And while I'm at it, does anyone have access to any of these other papers by Prof Galenson?

  • You Cannot be Serious: The Conceptual Innovator as Trickster
  • A Conceptual World: Why the Art of the Twentieth Century is So Different From the Art of All Earlier Centuries
  • Two Paths to Abstract Art: Kandinsky and Malevich
  • Analyzing Artistic Innovation: The Greatest Breakthroughs of the Twentieth Century
  • The Most Important Works of Art of the Twentieth Century
  • Do the Young British Artists Rule...?
  • Who Are the Greatest Living Artists? The View from the Auction Market
  • Anticipating Artistic Success (or, How to Beat the Art Market): Lessons from History
  • One Hit Wonders: Why Some of the Most Important Works of Modern Art are Not by Important Artists

  • Or any of his other NBER Working papers, I'd love to be able to read more than the abstracts, thanks in advance.

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