Sunday, November 19, 2006

Following up on Patrick Duegaw and...


Almost two years ago I mentioned Patrick Duegaw in passing with regards to how little respect Montreal Artists get. I mention him again, because the Wichita Eagle, again, writes about his summer sojourn in Montreal. However, what I found most interesting was that in the post from two years ago, I also mention David Altmejd funny how things change in two years. If you'd like to know more on what Patrick Duegaw has been doing for the past two years, click here or here. If you'd like to know more on what David Altmejd has been doing, click here.

Then for what it is worth in the intervening two years, "Montreal Artists" has had a 133% increase when Google Newsed. "Boston Artists" only 47%, "London Artists" 78%, and "New York Artists" only 51%. In absolute numbers we still lag far behind, only 565 vs. 9,340 for New York.

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