Sunday, November 05, 2006

Candy Minx vs. David Moos


I'm late to the party on this one, and apologies all around for being late. Mea Culpa. But about a week and a half ago Candy Minx interviewed David Moos, curator of contemporary art at the AGO.
It is a 3,600+ word interview, with 35 comments. Which is one of the reasons why it took me so long to get arond to reading it, some serious dedication is required.

Using the recent Warhol exhibit as a launching pad, Ms. Minx did ask some interesting questions. (How much do you think is too much for the public to pay to see a show at the AGO? and Do you think this is the way to lead a progressive contemporary art scene in this country? and How do you reconcile working for a Canadian funded art gallery with this advice? and What percentage of your income do you spend on the purchase of works by living Canadian artists?) But due to the email nature of the interview (or at least what I atribute to the email nature of the interview) allowed Mr. Moos to wriggle off the hook a bunch of times, and did not follow up in certain places where I would have wanted her to follow up,

There are also a couple of times where the lead in to her question was a little too long. But, overall I'm quite impressed, pleased and think that Ms. Minx should be quite chuffed. Unlike what seems like the majority of commentors, I'm not at all impressed with Mr. Moos simply for having accepted to answer the questions - to me it is sort of like congratulating Stephen Harper for talking to Keith Boag. However, as with all well done interviews, his answers were quite illuminating. Especially to the extent with which he is willing to go to defend the status quo.

So, Ms. Minx are you going to ask Kitty Scott for an interview, next? Daina Augaitis? Kelvin Brown? Please, let me know when you do.

And then can anybody explain to me what the heck a 'trialogue' is? I have a copy of the 'thin publication' (10 pages for each language) and as far as I can tell there were four people involved in the discusion (or as they call it in the flyer 'interview.') Stephane Aquin, David Moos, Kitty Scott and Annabelle Teneze.

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