Monday, November 06, 2006

The Canadian Art Auction season is upon us


In case you hadn't noticed they have something similar south of the border as well. And in order to avoid a fiasco like earlier this year (when a neanderthal bid, won and purchased what was at the time the most expensive painting in the world. The New York Times ran an auction etiquette guide over the weekend. (Must've either been a very slow news day, or the advertisement from Sothebys must've been in color, two pages, and running for a full week.)

Despite what I thought, there are actually more than 24 auction houses in Canada, and 24 of them have websites. This, too could be a reason why Canadian Art is in the dumps (a fragmented market makes it favorable for buyers over sellers - if I can't get my price, I'll buy it elsewhere) but just to let you knopw - I am not an economist.

In a very particular order:
Ritchies, I think these guys are my favorite Canadian auction house. Their offices are in a wicked cool curved building. The building also houses the Arts Club. And I just adored the fact that they exhibited the Alfred Pellan painting called Jeux dans l'Espace complete with a hole. Wild! And I got to see a Greg Curnoe!

Iegor - Hôtel des Encans, local, fun, easy to get to, and the church that they use as offices is real pretty, too.

Heffel Based in BC, but with offices all over the place (I quite like them, they have a nice townhouse here in Montreal.)

Joyners, according to themselves, they are the Canadian Art Market, I'm not certain that I'd be promoting that fact if it is true. Or more in your face, Too Much Group of Seven, TMGS.

Waddingtons, can anyone tell me what the difference is between Waddingtons and Joyners? Please.

Hodgins Art Auctions Ltd. a bunch of Norval Morrisseau's, although I don't know enough to know if this is from his 'good' period, or if these are likely to be from his 'faked' period.

Maynards, if you can convince a member of ADAC that this is truly an Emily Carr Watercolor, you might have a bargain on your hands.

Empire Auctions, I had thought that they only did estate stuff, and weren't concerned with art, but then clicked and discovered that they have some Pellan's, some Borenstein's and my fave, a Tex Lecor.

Westbridge Fine Art, I'm not certain if I would trust a book called The American Art Sales Index published by Phillips, de Pury & Company. So why would I trust something called the Canadian Art Sales Index published by Anthony Westbridge?

Galvin Auction Co Ltd. likely to be good for finding bargains

Levis Fine Art Auctions Alberta (ditto on the Morrisseau's, nothing like having a show at the National Gallery to make everyone think their painting is valuable.)

Walker's Fine Art, more Morrisseau.

Gallery Sixtyeight Auctions, gonna be a fun time on Southvale Drive on the 21st, they have a bunch of Russian Art going up for sale. But I'm impressed, they have only one piece of Canadian art going under the hammer.

Lando Art Auctions, Nothing happening here until February

Maison des Encans de Montréal, local bargains galore.

Gardner Galleries appear to be good for bargain hunting.

A Touch of Class, if you want more proof of why Toller Cranston doesn't know an awful lot about art, check out these two paintings of his that are being auctioned off by A Touch of Class. Toller Cranston 1, and Toller Cranston 2.

Andrews Fine Art, bargains galore.

Lunds, the less said the better.

Encans Gélineau, I've always wanted to go to one of their auctions. Blurry photographs of signatures, man it doesn't get more cheesy than that!

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