Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Americans think like the Quebecois


This article is from a couple of weeks ago, but I was struck by how Quebecois the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museums are. Basically, nine museums, in not major metropolitan areas, rotating exhibitions. Or as they write in the article
All of the museums are open to the public year round, free of charge. None are in the largest cities usually associated with museumgoing, like New York and Los Angeles. They stretch from Tacoma, Wash., to Newburgh, N.Y., and Jacksonville, Fla. Most are in architecturally significant buildings that have been restored as part of the Karpeles project. Each museum has permanent exhibits, and traveling exhibitions rotate about every three months, so there’s always something new to see.
Sorta like the Maisons de la Culture here in town, or the regional museums spread out all over the province.

Cool, eh?

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