Sunday, November 19, 2006

$259,000 per town, $21,000 per artist


The Canada Council released its Annual Report on Friday. According to the press release, they gave away on average $259,000 per town, and $21,000 per artist.

Some questions: If there are only 92 communities with more than 50,000 residents, that's an awful lot of money to be sending to the other 418 communites. If there are 130,700 artists in Canada then the Canada Council is only supporting 4% of them.

And somewhere somehow someone dropped a decimal place, or divided when they should have added. Back at the beginning of the month, Statistcs Canada reported that 10% of all Canadians collected art. If all the numbers are correct, then that means there are roughly two collectors for every artist in Canada. If that truly were the case, then Canadian Art would not be in the doldrums.

(While I very often beat-up on Kelly Hill, I gotta thank him this time for being an easy source for the stats, because trying to navigate the Statistics Canada website is not easy.)

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