Friday, October 20, 2006

What a difference a year makes


A little over a year ago, I made some snarky comments about the third annual BMO 1st Art! Invitation Student Art Competition. This year, I came across the press release for the fourth annual competition, and somehow, I feel warmer towards them this year, but not prepared to be completely over the top in my praise. I'm warmer, because this year's jury includes some people I know. I might have just become a tad mellower But after reading the rules, it looks like they only pay $1,500 to the regional winners which while not bad, isn't great. Since they increased the amount of prize money from last year to this year, I'd like them to continue the trend and increase it to $4,000 for each regional winner and $8,000 for the grand prize. That would be nice.

And then after a little more research, I imagine that the Dawn Cain who is curator of the BMO Art Collection, is not this Dawn Cain. But, I am confused as to how someone who is (or used to be) a curator of a rather idiosyncratic range of pieces willed to the University of Toronto by Dr. Lillian Malcove can switch gears so rapidly to be able to focus on Canadian art, isn't that like a cytologist switching jobs and becoming a biochemist? Or an interior designer suddenly deciding that they are an architect?

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