Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Toller Cranston and Artevo.com need to do much more market research


Saw this article in yesterday's Hamilton Spectator about Toller Cranston and Christopher Talbot's latest venture that attempts to bring art to the masses. I almost lost my cookies when I read this line that Mr. Cranston said:
And a person in Saskatoon couldn't really go to New York, Paris or London, yet, with this website, those people would have access to a global art stock and could actually see it.
Umm, Mr. Cranston, if you really believe that a person in Saskatoon can't really go to New York or Paris or London, then why in tarnation did Kyle MacDonald move to Kipling Saskatchewan and get a gig in Hollywood? And what about the Shurniak Art Gallery?

I figure Artevo.com will be as supremely successful Art Face Off.

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