Friday, October 20, 2006

Once again for those of you who think I am nasty


No comment from me.
Viewed in the context of the recent dumbing-down of art, gallery design and visual experience at the XXXXX Museum, the [current] show is above average. It is better than the museum’s dreary XXXXX show, its disappointing XXXXX and its weak XXXXX presentation. But it similarly lacks curatorial rigor and imagination, which lends an air of Faustian bargain.

The museum, desirous of a big-name exhibition, seems to have ceded too much control to its subject, and as a result, the show is an unconscious exercise in ego gratification that serves no one well. Leaking vanity and ambition, at once yearning for greatness and blithely assuming that greatness has been achieved, the works on view are like a high-brow, static form of reality television. It is fueled by an obsession with celebrity and accented with the trappings of first-class travel, serious real estate and privilege. Its revelations are mostly inadvertent.
From this article in today's New York Times

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