Monday, October 09, 2006

Oblique dig at Conceptual art by Danielle Egan


And she just doesn't understand. In this article about a show at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Ms. Egan writes 'Angela Grossmann, an established artist also represented in Paint.' This is her CV, you judge if it is the CV of an established artist. Or conversely, if it is the CV of an established artist, then as 'established' is about as high as you can go on the career ladder (emerging, mid-career, established) that's a pretty low bar being set in order to be established.

Then in the blurb about the show on the VAG website, they write 'Peter Schuyff, who ventured outside Canada in the 1980s to establish [an] outstanding career on the international stage...' Mr. Schuff's CV - you judge if it is 'outstanding' or 'international.' (To me they did get it right with regards to Jessica Stockholder - although I'm not certain how Canadian she would consider herself, and while she does use paint - there is an awful lot of concept in her work as well.)

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