Friday, October 13, 2006

Museums + YouTube two different ways of handing things


Back in July, I posted this YouTube Playlist, of videos at the Musee d'art contemporain. I was jokingly chastised by a member of the museum staff that because of me, people wouldn't come to the museum. I took it in the spirit it was intended and didn't worry about it.

Now, from today's Wall Street Journal, MoMA is using YouTube to help get people in the door for a Residents exhibit that they are having.

MoMA with YouTube = Big feature length article in the Wall Street Journal.
MACM without YouTube = 86 word mention in a column in Hour Magazine.

And you don't even want to get me started about the Chazen Museum, the Hammer Museum and the Brooklyn Museum all being on Facebook (Chazen, Hammer, and Brooklyn)

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