Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Galerie de Bellefeuille needs to work harder for Paul Beliveau


Back at the beginning of September Charles Saatchi launched his online gallery with some fanfare and noise. Basically a competition where the grand prize was being in a show at the Guardian's Newsroom exhibition space. I pretty much ignored it, as I do with most British art stuff, because British art stuff is not Canadian art stuff.

Well, last week they announced the winners, and this week I finally got around to looking at them. And boy was I surprised to find out that Paul Beliveau was shortlisted. Paul Beliveau lives and works in Quebec City, and as it states prominently on the Saatchi Gallery site, he is represented locally by de Bellefeuille. I've met Mr. & Mrs. de Bellefeuille, most of the staff there knows me. Didn't anyone think to contact me so as to get the word out so that we could get the vote out? Or did they think that this was better to keep it top secret since it was being juried by such a distinguished panel? Or (to be tad paranoid) did they get the word out, and just decide to ignore me?

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