Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What exactly is Inuit art?


Interesting article from The Edmonton Sun about a couple who 'has a deep love for the Far North after spending 35 years on Baffin Island' and is now attempting to become 'wholesale Inuit art dealers for Western Canada.' No problem there, I particularly like it when people have very specific goals. Where I find a problem is that the art that they are wholesaling is art that they make. Now, if they were Inuit, I don't think that Jerold LeBlanc would have described them as 'loving Baffin Island.' I think he would have written something more like 'they are Inuit who moved to Edmonton.' I also have a problem with a four- to six-inch stone figure being called an Inukshuk, and I have a major problem with someone using 'construction-grade adhesive' to create anything that comes with 18 yards of the word Inukshuk.

If they love Baffin Island so gosh darn much, I think they should move back there and not try to make money off of gullible people who don't know enough to ask questions about rock figures for their lawns.

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