Saturday, September 23, 2006

Louise Roy and I still don't see eye to eye


Last week the new president of Montreal Arts Council spoke with La Presse, and I wasn't particularly fond of the idea that she floated. This week she spoke with the Gazette, and I'm even less enamoured of her ideas. The current infatuation with prizes is ridiculous and foolhardy. Praising Pratt & Whitney for turning Les Femmeuses into a $5,000 prize is just bad, Instead of her closing quote being 'The challenge is to get (the private sector) to put culture on the agenda as a priority.' I would prefer that she concentrate on getting everyone to put culture on the agenda as a priority. Businesses are only going to prioritize culture if they can make money. If everyone does culture, then it is much more likely that there will be money to be made, and then businesses will invest in it.

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