Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm looking forward to meeting Sylvain Bellenger


It ain't everyday that a curator from Cleveland gets a feature in the International Herald Tribune especially in advance of his appearance here in Montreal. Personally, I got a humongous kick out of some of the quotes: "The directeur des musées de France said it was the first time he had seen people eating and drinking in front of a painting." And, "There is a Cleveland style that is hard to define but a Cleveland object in a traveling show is always something special." And "Once you have acquired a work of art, you give something like 10 talks to all the groups - the women's council, the education department, the black community - and for each group you say different things." And the best one, "Girodet proved to be exactly the right artist at the right time - major but neglected, not excessively productive and definitely in tune with the zeitgeist, being, as Bellenger says, transgressive and weird."

The show got rave reviews in New York (New York Times, New York Magazine, Village Voice) and the Wikipedia entry for him is here (psst it could use some work) needless to say I'm getting excited about it showing up here.

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